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Revived Witch’s story continues with Chapter 6: Upper Domains of Cassiel – Effinate Games

Revived Witch has hosted several in-game events for players this year, but it’s been a while since the pixel art mobile RPG’s story expanded. Today, Yostar has revealed that after over eight long months, Revived Witch’s main story will continue with the release of Chapter 6: Upper Domain of Cassiel. This update brings lots of content like two new dolls, costumes and furniture sets. This chapter will be based on the pre-existing conflicts between the upper and lower domains of the floating islands. As chapter five of Revived Witch’s main story ended, the witch and her allies succeeded in defeating the gigantic monster that plagued the Lower Domain of Cassiel. All of them are now on their way to the upper area where they will finally meet Cassiel’s protector. A clearance event will run for the next two weeks, giving players their hands on Princess of Aurora – Lilia, an EX Mage, if they manage to complete stages 3-18 before September 14th. … [MORE]

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