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Returnal PC Version Graphics Options Shown Off – Effinate Games

It seems that the Returnal PC version is just a game that will have one leak after another, but has yet to be announced by Sony for a PC port. The latest leak shows us a look at the game’s graphics settings and the many ways the game is easily one of the best PC ports to date.

The return PC version’s graphics are truly stunning

We’ve covered Returnal over and over here, but we still have no official announcement from Sony regarding the release of the PC version.

In a new video, courtesy of icon eralet’s take a look at the different screen rendering options that the game offers.

You can see that the offers of DLSS, FSR and other options are readily available for the Returnal PC Version, showing that the port will continue to make the rounds via leaks, but has yet to be announced by Sony.

Despite the numerous amount of appearances the title has made over the past few months, Sony has yet to officially announce the title for the PC.

Returnal is a PlayStation 5 exclusive title that was released for the console back in 2021. It is a brand new IP released by Sony and developed by HouseMarque. With Sony having several modes throughout the year and yet to announce the title, it has really upset PC gamers to miss out on one of the most incredible titles that would undoubtedly do well on the PC .

With future Sony events, we can only hope that Sony takes the opportunity to announce the port sooner rather than later. Maybe after God of War releases Ragnarok?

What are your thoughts on the leak? Let us know if you’d like to see Returnal on PC in the comments section below!

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