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Residual, the pacifist survival sci-fi game, launches for iOS today – Effinate Games

orange pixels’s latest project, the non-violent survival sci-fi game Rest that was revealed earlier this summer has finally launched for iOS, with an Android release planned for later this year. This new spin on the genre sees a weary space traveler crash land on an alien planet and features procedurally generated ruins for you to explore in an attempt to find a way to repair your ship and get home.

Residual is a title that launched on PC late last year and had a decent amount of success. Now mobile gamers will be able to get their hands on the pixel art based colorful survival sim that has zero combat. The intent of Residual is to try to be one of the first survival games based entirely on exploration rather than hunting or fighting creatures.

And it’s the procedurally generated planet where you’ll explore it! This generation covers everything you can think of, from the atmosphere to the weather to the layout itself. The planet will reset every playthrough, so when you die, you’ll return to a new playfield where you’ll have to find out and get back underground to find the materials to repair that ship.

Instead of fighting, you will instead study all the life forms you find on this strange planet. You will analyze them to better understand the ecology and use it to your advantage by creating resources based on that information, slowly learning the history of this strange world along the way.

With this new spin on the genre, Residual is quite an interesting little gem and well worth your time. If you’d like to check it out, check out the link below to purchase Residual for just $5.99!

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