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Reaper 2 Update B Log and Patch Notes – Effinate Games

Roblox Reaper 2 has received the new B update for the game on September 11, 2022! It includes a number of new content, balancing and bug fixes that should improve the quality of the game.

A lot of new codes have been added which will give you some free stuff, you can find it on our Reaper 2 codes page! The below patch notes were released via official Reaper 2 Discord serverand has been corrected and reformatted a bit.


  • Added Hell (minimum level 100 / has 8 quests / new npcs / new raid ( CIEN ) )
  • Added new weapon (Bonk) / Cien Drop
  • Level Cap increased to 150


  • Now the Shun Shun shield is classified as a counter (meaning grab skills won’t work on it (won’t fail anymore))
  • Change “mastered swordsman” note from “you can use sword moves while the sword is sheathed, armor is faster” to “Buffers the attack speed of sword moves by 15%”
  • Remove the 25% extra damage given by the Arrogant C move
  • Primero Gun Z is supposed to be cancelable on the last hit
  • Palm Strike is supposed to be true stun, not placelock stun (you can move under it but can’t act)
  • Blut venous drainage must be 3 per second and the damage should be increased by 25%

Error correction:

  • Fast Sakanade C never stops
  • Fixed some skills breaking my animation break.
  • Fixed river act one shotting npcs


  • Slight lag improvement.
  • Added autoParty creation for raids (can’t leave party)

That’s all we know about the new update for Roblox Reaper 2. We have more coverage on the game in the Grand Piece Online section of our website.

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