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Rainbow Six Mobile offiically kicks off its closed beta test on Android – Effinate Games

The beloved Tom Clancy franchise has a few strong titles lined up for the mobile platform. Both The Division Resurgence and Rainbow Six Mobile are in active development and should be out in the future. Speaking of Rainbow Six Mobile specifically, Ubisoft began alpha testing a few months ago, which was open to a select number of users.

The alpha test went quite well, with the developers gathering lots of feedback from fans. As with most of these tests, this led to a lot of work on mechanics such as matching, round-to-round flow, the various menus, user experience and the core gameplay. All this polishing has finally led to the next stage of development for Rainbow Six Mobile – the beta test.

And today, Rainbow Six Mobile’s closed beta test finally begins. Android users who pre-registered may have already accessed it and registrations are still open Google Play. A few users can still be selected. Unfortunately, iOS users are missing out on this right now, but a version for them should be available soon. From now on, people living in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines and India can start participating in Rainbow Six’s CBT.

The latest additions to this test are the initial stages of the Operator Unlock and Progression System. This will introduce daily challenges for completion and a ticket scheme that can be used to unlock operators and use them in matches. In addition, R6M also adds a battle pass and three new iconic cards from the original game – Bank, Border and Clubhouse. Graphical improvements have also been made, so the game will look much better than the alpha.

Of course, nothing players experience right now is set in stone, and things will continue to change with feedback. Expect the graphics to keep getting better and the gameplay to be tighter and much more streamlined. Check out Rainbow Six Mobile’s official website to stay up to date with the latest news.

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