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Railbound, a track-bending puzzler, is out now on Android and iOS – Effinate Games

Afterburn’s train-inspired puzzle game for iOS and Android has finally launched today. Titled Railbound, it sees the journey of two dogs on a train that travels around the planet. Imagine this – a train with wagons full of goods is moving across a lush landscape, and it is being driven by a dog. But wait! Another train is in sight and the tracks cross. A crash is imminent. But it’s up to you to help the dogs out of this mess. All that action takes place in Railbound’s cartoon-inspired art style, backed by a very relaxing soundtrack that will help deal with all the chaos to come. There are more than 150 unique puzzles to solve to guide passengers and goods to safety. Players must place, remove and replace tracks so that all carts are connected to the main engine and do not collide with each other. … [MORE]

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