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Ragnarok Origin launches the Bard and Dancer update, introducing two new class evolutions and some celebratory events – Effinate Games

Gravity Co. LTD has announced the next major update for the popular mobile MMORPG Ragnarok Origin. This patch is focused on new job progression options for Archer players and introduces the new Dancer and Bard class evolutions for their tree.

In the same way that other classes have an evolution tree, or an ultimate class when you max out the original, Archers will now be able to evolve their class into either Bard or Dancer once you hit level 40 on it. Female characters will be able to switch to Dancer after hitting level 40, and male characters can choose the Bard option.

Both of these classes are identical in operation and represent a ranged support option that uses two-handed weapons and shuts out the opposition with bows and arrows. If you’ve played most other fantasy games, you’ve seen this archetype before. Characters like Venti in Genshin impact or classes like, well, Bard in Final Fantasy Tactics, e.g. Music-based supports inspire their teammates and improve their stats.

As is usually the case, to celebrate these new class options, there are some new events on hand starting on August 30th. First is Operation Commission, an event that will simply reward all players with 20 commission tickets. After that, Operation Union will run until September 5 and allow players to earn rewards for establishing a recruiting relationship.

Next, Helheim Racing will also run until September 5 and will allow players to earn various rewards by participating in very challenging races. And finally, Memory Fragment will introduce a new side story that involves completing challenging puzzles to earn rewards. This runs until 12 September.

As you can see, there is a lot of new content on offer here for Ragnarok Origin fans. If you want to check it all out in depth, you can take a look at official website for more information. In the meantime, if you’d like to try your hand at these new classes for yourself, you can download Ragnarok Origin for free at one of the links below!

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