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Puzzle & Dragons battles with Kaijus yet again as the Ultraman crossover returns this month – Effinate Games

The battle against the destructive Kaiju continues as Ultraman returns to GungHo’s mobile game Puzzle & Dragons for another collaborative event. Match-3 and the superhero have also crossed paths in the past – they fought against monsters that threatened humanity. The partnership was called for again when unidentified S-Class Kaiju wreak havoc.

It’s up to the heroes (and villains) of this popular series to band together and stop the Kaiju swarm affecting Puzzle & Dragons. Lots of new characters like Shin Ultraman will join his allies – Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Decker Flash Type, and also some rivals like Trigger Dark and Dada. This limited time crossover event will be available until October 5th.

Players can engage in battle with these ferocious monsters in five different dungeons. In the Ultraman Dungeon, players will clear the floor to earn gold Ultraman Event medals that can be used to purchase various items such as The Cybernetic Champion HANE2, Zetton and more.

The Challenge dungeon awards players with a mission a level above the previous dungeon, which grants a draw from the Ultraman Memorial Egg Machine upon completion. Players can also team up with up to two others and participate in the multiplayer dungeon that gives away gold medals for clearing it.

The collaboration also features two Fixed Team dungeons – Ultraman and Shin Ultraman, where players will be forced to use a team given to them. Rewards include a draw from the Ultraman Memorial Egg Machine.

And as always, paid bundles are available in the store to skip all the challenges and collect the crossover rewards. Here’s everything your wallet can give you:

  • $0.99 USD – A magic stone and a move from the Ultraman Egg Machine
  • $14.99 USD – 15 Magic Stones and a move from the Ultraseven Egg Machine
  • $14.99 USD – 15 Magic Stones and a move from the Ultraman Decker Egg Machine
  • $19.99 USD – 20 Magic Stones and a move from the 6-star Ultraman Egg Machine
  • $29.99 USD – 30 Magic Stones and a move from the Ultraman Mebius Egg Machine

Collect all these rewards by paying or playing by downloading Puzzle & Dragons now for free. The collaboration will remain active for the next two weeks.

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