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Punishing: Gray Raven’s Imprisoned Sight update introduces a new character and the Eden Festival – Effinate Games

Kuro Game has just announced a new content update for the ARPG Punishing: Gray Raven is now live. Titled Imprisoned Sight, the update introduces a new S-rank build, a challenging boss fight, new coatings, weapons, and will also celebrate the Eden Festival.

In Imprisoned Sight, players will be able to get their hands on the S-rank build – Chrome: Glory. A skilled fighter and an extremely valuable asset on the battlefield, Glory is the leader of the Strike Hawk Squad. His interlude will allow players to experience his backstory, which shows the many faces of the construct while also revealing some information about other characters.

This new chapter also takes the battles to the next level with the launch of a new gameplay mode called Blind Simulation, which goes live on September 30. There they will encounter the Hive Mother, an extremely terrifying boss that must be defeated at all costs. Blind simulation will provide players with a lot of challenges, so upgrading specific characters through the Mycenaean protocol will be key.

The Eden Festival is also something to keep an eye on. It’s an in-game event that requires some use of Discord. The party begins with 24 characters being put into three different groups. Now players have to vote for their favorite contestant using stamps.

How do you get these stamps to vote? Easy. Simply participate in the various in-game events held in Punishing: Gray Raven or enter the official associated Fanart contest on Discord. Once the stamps are obtained, players can use them to increase the Cheer Points of their beloved heroes.

Each round will halve the number of contestants, so we proceed from 24 to 12 to six, three and finally down to one winner. The first round ends on September 23rd, the second on October 1st, followed by the 9th, with the final winner announced on October 15th.

Anyone who participates in these events can win a ton of rewards like a Coating Pick Supply Pack, Levi-gun Weapon Coating, and decoration items. Start voting now by downloading Punishing: Gray Raven for free.

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