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PUBG New State’s September 2022 update introduces Akinta Map, AK Alfa, Survivor Pass Vol. 11, and the McLaren collab – Effinate Games

PUBG New State’s long-awaited September update is almost here. Downtime is set to begin tomorrow, September 22 between 00:00 and 07:00 UTC. After that, Battle Royale’s version 0.9.39 will go live. It introduces the brand new Akinta map that Krafton has been teasing for a while now, along with new weapons, customizations and other improvements.

Brand new card: Akinta

Kicking PUBG New State’s latest update is the game’s latest original map, Akinta. Players who were part of the New State Labs team may have already experienced this map and provided feedback on it, but with the September update, all survivors will be able to fall to Akinta.

The map will follow the regular BR ruleset without level four gear that was seen during Bounty Royale. Driving on Akinta will also be much smoother than Troi thanks to its faster trams, which run on six lines that run from the center to the outskirts of the map. The addition of an exclusive electric vehicle called the Vcab promises to make things even cooler at Akinta.

Gunplay Updates

v0.9.39 introduces a new gun called the AK Alfa. It is a battle rifle, in fact it is touted to have the highest damage per shot. shot compared to the other rifles in New State. The Alfa uses 7.62mm ammunition and can be modified with a muzzle, scope, grip and magazine.

Other weapon changes include a Long Barrel for the Kar98, a reduction in long-range damage for custom SMGs, and a greater muzzle velocity for the S1897. The Grenade Launcher and a few other items like the Poison Grenade also received some balancing.


New collaboration: McLaren

PUBG New State collaborates with McLaren again and brings the beautiful 7205Spider to the game. Players will be able to earn numerous rewards by completing McLaren missions. This is a trip no one wants to miss.

Survivor Pass

With this update, players will be able to access Volume 11 of the Survivor Pass hat featuring Vanessa from the Mayhem Faction. Completing all the necessary story missions will eventually unlock her outfit and appearance.

Get ready to fall for Akinta by downloading PUBG New State now for free.

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