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PUBG Mobile’s incoming update introduces the new Nusa Map and Gear Front mode – Effinate Games

Krafton is releasing a major content update for PUBG Mobile on September 15th. It will introduce the new Nusa map, additional POIs in Erangel, the Gear Front game mode and of course the new Royale Pass with lots of goodies to collect.

The biggest inclusion in PUBG Mobile’s v2.2 update is Nusa, the new playable map of a 1×1 km tropical island. Battles here will end much faster than Livik and Erangel due to the smaller battlefield it provides and also the abundance of supplies that will ensure all players get a big loot quickly so the battles can be fast and high octane.

Traveling around on this promises to be fun. There are zip lines and elevators that allow players to take in all the beauty of the location before entering a gunfight. Fighting will make use of weapons such as the new Tactical Crossbow and NS2000 Shotgun. Nusa also includes a Super Recall mechanic that gives players who are eliminated early a chance to come back as long as there are survivors on their team.

PUBGM’s new game mode is called Gear Front and it should launch shortly after v2.2 goes live. It will take place across all three maps with several new skills like Playzone Analysis, Trace and Supply to take advantage of. Vehicles can be quickly located with a scanner, and those who prefer to be on foot can make use of the newly updated cable cars. A few new areas have also been added to this mode.

The 15th Royale Pass also goes live on September 20 and is titled Razzle Dazzle. To top it off, the update will also introduce two new characters – Survival Expert Riley and Tech Mercenary Sophia, who will be present alongside the Spectral Swan and Cosmic Inquisitor Set.

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