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PSX-inspired furry ARPG Combustion announced – Effinate Games

3D Realms has announced Combustionan upcoming action RPG inspired by the adventures of the PSX era.

Combustion is under development for Windows PC via Steam. IN Combustionplayers control a rookie cop named Calico in a gritty dieselpunk world populated by anthropomorphic animals.

Inspired by classic PSX-era games in terms of both aesthetic and gameplay, Combustion is a mix of action-RPG and adventure game where you have to restore order in Norrune while a wave of terrorist attacks and murders grips the city.

Explore Norrune on foot between missions as you gather clues, interrogate suspects and fight gangbangers with an arsenal of stun batons, lassos and freeze spray.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find an overview (via Steam) below:


Norrune, the city of oil rigs, is ravaged by the terrorist activities of the mysterious Scorch, bent on dismantling the foundations of civil society. Calico – along with his NPD colleagues – must do everything in their power to fight the crime onslaught plaguing their home.

Combustion is a pulp noir story inspired by classic games, movies and comics from the late 80s and 90s. Heavy internal combustion engines, CRTs, and rustbucket robots are all part of this game’s gritty dieselpunk setting.


  • Take part in police work and solve the case of the vicious serial killer Scorch.
  • Explore the city of Norrune between missions. Visit its many streets, shops and even the theme park.
  • Enjoy a content-rich Action RPG. Set perks before every mission and be rewarded for engaging in a detailed and reactive game world.
  • Use Calico’s special baton with built-in lasso, freeze spray, electric stunner and more.

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