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PSVR 2 New Trailer Showcases Impressive New Features – Effinate Games

VR gaming isn’t really something everyone is excited about, to be honest. But there is a huge community of enthusiasts out there who love hanging out in the virtual world. Oculus Quest and PSVR are some of the most notable VR headsets on the market. Earlier this year, PlayStation VR 2 was announced, bringing a much-needed refresh to the original.

New PlayStation VR 2 trailer

PlayStation VR 2 upgrades the original PSVR with a host of new features. Sony has been teasing new features since the announcement. Finally, we have a brand new trailer that looks to show off many of the features of the new headset.

Changes in PSVR 2

The ‘Feel a New Real’ trailer shows off the most prominent changes in PSVR2. Following are some of the notable changes:

Display and lenses

The original PSVR is known for being the only headset in its class available on the market without Fresnel lenses, which are known to cause glare (in exchange for other benefits). On the other hand, PSVR 2 will switch to Fresnel lenses just like the rest of the industry.

In addition, PSVR 2 retains the eye relief capability from the first PSVR, which helps adjust vision for comfort and accommodates users who wear glasses. The display will have 4K HDR content consisting of 2 2000*2040 OLED displays.

In addition, the field of view of the headset has also been increased. The original PSVR had a FOV of 100°, while PSVR 2 will have 110°.

PlayStation VR 2 screen

Improved eye tracking

PSVR was one of the early VR headsets to integrate eye-tracking. The feature is improved in this generation by using ‘Foveated Rendering’. It’s a rendering approach that significantly lowers image quality in the peripheral vision while using an eye tracker built into a virtual reality headset to minimize the rendering burden.

Since our eyes only see sharply in a fairly small central area (the fovea), rendering scenes in high detail in your peripheral vision is a waste of computing power. If you can track exactly where the user is looking, you can render the middle part of each frame in high detail while reducing detail in the periphery where it won’t be noticed. This feature can greatly enhance the details of images that are in our peripheral vision.

Improved controllers

The controllers have also been improved. A finger touch mechanism has been added to enable new tactile interactions when, for example, using something like a gun. Adaptive triggers are another feature coming from the PlayStation 5’s Dual Sense controller.

psvr 2 controller
PSVR 2 New controller

Adaptive triggers let you feel the actual recoil of a weapon in-game. If you are using a bow, you will feel the tension in the triggers when you pull them. They can become stiff and soft depending on the action.

Sound and headset Haptics

Sony adds a new tempest 3D audio technology to PSVR2. However, it’s only supported if you have an analog or stereo headset separately, which is a real bummer. The front of the headset, which goes over your forehead, contains haptic motors that give you sensory feedback in supported games. The controller also has haptic feedback for more immersion. You can read more about PSVR 2 here.

Note: Most of the features listed are dependent on in-game support. You need a PlayStation 5 to use PSVR 2.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil 8 are the most prominent titles available on PSVR 2 when it launches. One big caveat with the headset will be that it doesn’t support backwards compatibility, which is a real shame. PlayStation VR 2 is expected to launch sometime in 2023, although no firm release date has yet been announced.

What’s your favorite feature coming your way with PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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