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PS5 now Supports 1440p Via HDMI as a Native Resolution – Effinate Games

Sony has rolled out a new update for the PlayStation 5, and it supports 1440p as a native resolution. This is quite a welcome update as this was always requested by the fans. Some additional new features have also been introduced in the update. Sony says update is based on reviews and feedback from customers.

1440p support via HDMI

Not everyone has high-resolution 4K screens, as they are generally quite expensive. However, 1440p displays have become quite mainstream lately, and what the PS5 always lacked was support for 1440p as a native resolution via HDMI cable.

Previously, if you had a 1440p display, games would run at an upscaled quality from 1080p, which doesn’t look nearly as good as native 1440p. Many games also support a 120Hz refresh rate at 1440p along with 60Hz at 4K, providing a good choice for users based on their preferences and display.

PlayStation 5 1440p support

Other new features from the update

The new update also includes playlists. The game lists allow you to better sort your games into folders so that your home screen looks less cluttered. It also focuses on ease of access and makes your experience better.

Voice command Search for YouTube

Voice search on Youtube is something that is available on almost all other devices except the PlayStation 5. However, the new update brings it to the table as well. You can simply search from anywhere on the PS5, including during gameplay, you can say “Hey PlayStation, find on YouTube.” The YouTube app will open and relevant search results will appear.

playstation supports voice command
PlayStation 5 now supports voice commands for YouTube

New features for the PlayStation app

The PlayStation app is being enhanced for both IOS and Android by adding more features. On iOS and Android devices. PS App users will be able to start a PS Remote Play session directly from the app. To begin, confirm that your PS5 console is in sleep mode and that the PS app is connected to it. Make sure PS App and PS Remote Play are both installed on your smartphone or tablet to use this feature.

Another smart feature from the update is the ability to share screens on the PlayStation app. Like the PS5, you can request a friend to share their gameplay with you and you’ll be able to view it via your mobile app.

Are you excited that the PlayStation 5 now supports 1440p natively, or do you play with other resolutions? Tell us in the comments.

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