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PS VR2 Will Not Be Backward Compatible With PSVR Titles – Effinate Games

The PS VR2 recently had a big blowout reveal a few days ago, showing off the controller and headset in all their glory, and how the future of technology will soon make its way to the PS5 and further enhance the system for a wider audience. However, it seems that the new technology will be incompatible with the old technology, so you will have to leave your old PSVR library behind when you buy a PS VR2.

Say goodbye to the past with PS VR2

According to a new podcast episode from the official Sony team it has been confirmed that the PSVR titles will not be compatible with your PS VR2.

A look at PS VR2

You can listen to the podcast at Soundcloudand skip to the 29:14 mark.

To summarize, it has been confirmed that PS VR2 is indeed NOT backwards compatible with PSVR titles. This means that all titles for the system, digital or disc-based, will only run on PSVR.

A list of PSVR titles
A look at some PSVR titles

This is unfortunate news as PSVR has some memorable titles for the platform such as Resident Evil 7, Moss, Superhot and many more that will be lost.

While PSVR is compatible with PS5, the arduous effort required to switch back and forth between PSVR and PS VR2 to play two different libraries of games would be a daunting task.

Currently, gamers are able to play their PS4 games on the PS4 through a USB 3.0 external HDD without any extra effort, but this will require tweaking the physical setup and making the change possible manually.

While this is some disappointing news to hear, we hope this can be fixed in a future update as we’re sure many players will be upset at the prospect of losing their current game library.

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