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Prominent Leaker Hints At It Takes Two Nintendo Switch Port – Effinate Games

A prominent leaker has dropped another hint at an upcoming port for the Nintendo Switch. The Snitch is a prominent leaker in the gaming world, and following their leak of Assassins Creed: Odyssey yesterday, they’re now hinting at a port for It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch – the only platform still void of the game.

It takes two Nintendo Switch ports inbound?

It looks like a port to It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch could happen according to a new tip from The Snitch on his private discord channel.

It takes two Nintendo Switch Port Tip

According to a new message from The Snitch on their private discord server, the emojis are a hint to It Takes Two. The tree, a clock, a snow level, a bee and a house are all prominent stages in the game, the green shorts are worn by Cody in the game. The family shows a mother, father and a child, and finally the book is also a main character in the story.

Although this is easily a shot in the dark, but these are the only hints that make sense.

It Takes Two is currently on all other platforms except the Nintendo Switch, which was probably skipped due to lack of hardware, but if games like Doom, Crysis and The Witcher 3 can be ported to the system, this title should be possible as well, and worst case – a cloud version of the game?

This could also hint at an upcoming Nintendo Direct, as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has recently been rated for the Nintendo Switch PEGI. So there could be a partnership with Nintendo Direct happening sooner rather than later in the cards?

What are your thoughts on the hint? Let us know in the comments section below.

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