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Project Eve is now Stellar Blade, re-announced at the State of Play – Effinate Games

Sony’s September 2022 State of Play re-announced Shift Up’s Project Eve game nearly a year after the game was originally announced. Project Eve has now been rebranded as Stellar Blade, with a new trailer released to go along with its new name. The trailer shows off more of the title’s impressive graphics and fast-paced action. Project Eve was originally supposed to launch on Xbox and PC alongside PlayStation, but that is no longer the case. Stellar Blade will now be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. The game has a 2023 release window.

Stellar Blade is an action-adventure game inspired by other PlayStation titles such as Nier: Automata. Stellar Blade stars Eve, a space traveler who travels to an extinct Earth with her companions. On Earth, they find a survivor named Adam in the last surviving city, Xion. In Xion, Eva meets the city of Orcal and is told countless stories that will help her save Earth. Xion is filled with other survivors, many of whom can develop close relationships with and help rebuild the city. Bosses will be an important aspect of the game, forcing players to time their attacks more precisely and learn the best strategy to avoid being damaged.

More info about the game went completely quiet after the announcement trailer in September 2021. The game is being developed by Korean studio Shift Up, a newer company led by Hyung-Tae Kim. Hyung-Tae Kim is a game developer best known as the character designer for the Magna Carta series and the MMORPG Blade & Souls.

Stellar Blade isn’t the only game announced during Sony’s State of Play. The event also featured the first official announcement of Tekken 8, releasing a new trailer showing gameplay footage of Kazuya and Jin. Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition was also announced for PS VR2 during State of Play.

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