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Project 007 & Project Dragon will release after March 2025 – Effinate Games

Image: IQ Interactive

New information suggests the release date of Project 007 and Project Dragon, two highly anticipated game projects in development. Unfortunately, fans excited for these upcoming releases will have to wait a little longer than they might have expected, as both games are expected to release in 2025.

This information comes to us via a recent financial report from IO Interactive. In the report, the studio warns that profits will drop significantly in the next two financial years due to the long production time for upcoming games. Putting two and two together, we can take this information to mean that Project Dragon and Project 007, which are more than likely the in-production games they described, won’t be released until after March 2025.

Project 007, which has its own website where fans can learn more about the game, will be a James Bond origin story, with players earning the famed spy’s 00 status through a story-driven campaign. This game will most likely be similar to the Hitman series of games when it comes to gameplay as it is being developed by the same team.

Project Dragon, on the other hand, will be a medieval RPG with what IQ Interactive describes as “an ambitious connected world.” As the name suggests, the game will feature dragons as the prominent antagonist, which means the game may look like a modern version of Skyrim.

Both of these titles are in the triple-a category and should be priced around $60 upon release in 2025. Given IQ Interactive’s publishing history, it’s safe to assume that these games will be available on both consoles and PC when they finally coming to market. The 2025 release date means PC gamers have plenty of time to upgrade their rigs before the games are available.

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