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Potion crafting sim Potionomics is launching on Steam on October 17 – Effinate Games

Potionomics is a potion and deck crafting simulation game where you take on the role of a young witch. From ravenous games, XSEED games, and Marvelous USA, Inc., Potionomics launches on PC via Steam on October 17th, 2022!

The official trailer for the announcement date shows what players can expect in terms of potion brewing, characters and general gameplay.

In Potionomics, players will take on the role of a poor witch named Sylvia. It’s your job to transform her from a penniless and debt-ridden witch into a successful liquor store owner. On your journey to success, you will encounter many heroes, other merchants and a vibrant crowd of customers.

What makes this game interesting is your potion crafting. It is as much a science as it is an art. As you master your craft, you can learn new recipes and brew even harder potions.

You will also discover that being an entrepreneur is not easy. Customers change their minds, your competitors will see you fail, and prices will always fluctuate. But with a touch of magic and a firm determination, you can overcome anything.

The key features of this game include:

  • Become the owner of a successful potion shop as you gather ingredients and create brilliant potions. Make sure you use the best possible ingredients or your potions can be crude and useless.
  • Haggle and negotiate with your demanding customers by playing your cards right. Develop friendships with adventurers and other merchants to learn negotiation tactics.
  • Interact and get help from amazing characters to help you get rich.
  • Customize and style your store the way you want. Decorating your shop just right can improve your prices and help you make better quality potions.

Collect ingredients, make potions and become a successful potion owner Potionomics, will be launched on October 17. Be sure to check out our latest news section for more great content!

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