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Portal is getting a free RTX update this November – Effinate Games

Portal, arguably one of the great masterpieces in gaming history, will be updated with RTX in November 2022. The update is expected to be available as free DLC. Here’s the big reveal from @Wario64, which includes a few images with Nvidia’s logo:

Portal was an innovative puzzle game from 2007, with elements of horror due to its twisted sense of humor and the dark secrets players can uncover. The portal mechanics invited very unique puzzles that didn’t hold back their difficulty or punishment. It’s a classic, and the sequel only expanded on all the things that earned it that reputation.

Unfortunately, fans have been waiting Portal 3 for years, but it’s a long running joke that Valve can’t count to 3 (granted Half life). So far, fans have had to make do with mods or clones. This includes the recently announced The entropic centerwhich also lends a humorous tone, puzzles and science.

Considering how old Portal er, many fans were quite surprised by the revelation, as it seemed unlikely that the game’s source engine could actually support such modern technology.

If you’re not familiar, RTX refers to Nvidia’s ray tracing technology. This adds a huge level of depth and detail to the visuals through lighting, reflections and the like.

Although the entirety of Portal used in rooms full of neutral elements, as players need to easily distinguish between white and gray surfaces for the puzzles, the visuals are still naturally striking.

There are a lot of nice touches, and if a game deserves another playthrough, this is it Portal. It can be almost impossible to remember all the solutions, given how many fresh and exciting mechanics there are to avoid dangerous towers and redirect deadly lasers.

Portal is already a must-play, so a free RTX update is certainly exciting. You can read more about other classic games and upcoming puzzles by checking out our news section.

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