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Pokemon Unite’s first anniversary celebrations continue with the debut of the Speedster Dodrio – Effinate Games

TiMi Studio and The Pokémon had planned quite an elaborate celebration to celebrate Pokémon Unite’s first anniversary. It’s been quite a long event, split into two phases, the second of which recently started. It includes the debut of three Pokémon, a new map and lots of events.

Today, the party continues as the second Pokémon after Mew, Dodrio, comes to Pokémon Unite. The speedster with a trio of heads joins the Unite Battle Committee Shop, where it can be purchased for 14,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems. It has a sprint meter that allows it to charge its attacks, dealing extra damage.

Move set

At levels 1 and 2, Doduo enters the fight with two moves – Peck, which moves forward and deals damage, and Quick Attack, which increases movement speed while attacking anyone in its path.

Level five will see Doduo engage Dodrio, a stage where it can upgrade its moves. Tri Attack deals damage in a cone shape while also applying a random debuff, and Drill Peck hits the opponent multiple times to lower their HP.

At level seven, it can learn Agility, which makes Dodrio immune to obstacles while filling the sprint meter and Jump Kick, which attacks an opposing Pokémon first. It then leaps into the air and stomps on the ground, dealing AoE damage.

And finally we come to Dodrio’s Unite Move, Triple Trample. It runs towards an enemy and sends them upwards. When it reaches its desired location, Dodrio gains a shield and its attack also increases.


Dodrio is the first Speedster to be released after Pokémon Unite’s launch. Its agility and ability to disrupt other Pokémon make it perfect for defensive disruption. It will do well against opponents like Decidueye that are susceptible to being run down. With its fast movements, Dodrio can close in on other Pokémon, forcing them to move to perform ranged attacks.

It may be a fast Pokémon, but it will still be weak against a massive opponent like Snorlax. The sleeping Pokémon is able to block Dodrio’s attack and send it back towards its team. The disruptor will end up being disrupted.

However, Dodrio is still a strong candidate to be on your team. Purchase its license by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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