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Pokemon Unite kicks off the second part of its anniversary celebrations with Mew – Effinate Games

Recently, TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company revealed a roadmap for the second phase of anniversary celebrations for their popular MOBA Pokémon Unite. It features the addition of new Pokémon licenses, a playable map, battle passes, and several in-game events such as the Legacy Trainer Showdown. The party has already begun and the first Pokémon has joined the squad, and at least it’s one of the strongest out there, according to Pokémon lore.

The super adorable Mew is Pokémon Unite’s latest addition. While Unite Mew may not be as strong as its series counterpart, it’s still quite a formidable fighter. Mew is a Ranged Attacker that gains a boost counter after each turn that can be used to dish out psychic energy damage. Players can get their hands on the Pokémon at no cost by collecting all six mural fragments to unlock Mew’s license. This will be available until October 12th.

Move set

At level one, Mew begins with three moves – Electro Ball, which deals AoE damage and paralyzes enemies, Solar Beam, which also deals AoE damage, and Surf, which can attack a Pokémon and prevent it from acting for a short period of time. Then at level three it can learn Coaching, which gives an ally a shield and increases its base attack speed, Light Screen, which creates a defensive wall, and Agility, which can improve Mew’s movement speed, as you might have guessed.

At level five, Mew can reset all of his moves and learn new ones along with a reduction in his cooldown after getting a knockout or assist. Finally, Pokémon’s Unite move is called Mystical Mirage, which causes it to float and become invincible. All allies are under stealth and opponents take lots of damage after a set duration.


Mew does a great job in both the offensive and support departments. Its moves are powerful enough to knock any opponent out of the way, while making allied Pokémon much stronger. It will do especially well against Tyranitar, one of the game’s strongest all-rounders, thanks to its extra mobility. Players just need to make sure to go against a Pokémon like Absol that can deal serious damage at a fast pace.

Get your hands on Mew now by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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