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Pokemon UNITE hosts collaboration with French fashion designer Bailmain to release new in-game cosmetics and real world clothing – Effinate Games

The Pokemon Company‘s popular mobile MOBA Pokemon Unite announced that they will be hosting both an in-game and real-world crossover with the French designer fashion brand Balmain to introduce some new cosmetics as well as t-shirts that can be bought in real life.

Balmain is a company not too dissimilar to another fashion brand, UNIQLO, in the fact that they are known for hosting collaborations with a wide variety of properties and other brands. Now Balmain has teamed up with Pokemon to deliver some stylish new digs themed after all your favorite Pokemon.

But perhaps more importantly for us players, these new digs will also be available in Pokemon Unite itself! You’ll be able to adorn your in-game character with a really trendy leather jacket with some cool designs running down the sleeves along with a pair of slim suit pants and a loose belt that gives you a punk aesthetic but still will be in line with the unique brand of cosmetics offered by Unite.

And it will be absolutely free! No real world money will be required as all you have to do is log in between September 7th and September 30th and you will receive the Bailmain outfit at no cost.

Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to live near one of the Bailmain boutique stores across the globe, there will be 15 different Balmain X Pokemon NFC-enabled badges available for purchase. If you manage to get your hands on one of these bad boys, you’ll also receive a free code to unlock more Bailman fashion items in the game!

If you’re curious about the designer Pokemon items and have a pretty penny to drop on this awesome clothing, check out collaboration on Bailmain’s website. In the meantime, if you’d like to log into Pokemon Unite to get these free cosmetics, you can download it for free at one of the links below!

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