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Pokemon Go’s Test Your Mettle event goes live soon with Celesteela and Kartana making their debuts – Effinate Games

Pokémon Go’s Season of Light continues as we approach the halfway point of September. The Psychic Spectacular event recently concluded with performances from Mega Alakazam and Deoxys. As trainers prepare for the Roggenrola Community Day on the 18th, Niantic is hosting yet another event that further expands on all the Ultra Beast sightings made at the end of last month.

We’re now moving from an event focused on Psychic-type Pokémon to one featuring Steel-type as the Test Your Mettle event goes live in Pokémon Go between September 16th and 21st. As with events, players can expect to see some different Pokémon compared to normal. With the latest, expect Ultra Beasts and themed Pokémon to appear more in the wild and in raids and exclusive challenges.

Test Your Mettle’s primary attractions are the two debuting Ultra Beasts – Celesteela, the Launch Pokémon, and Kartana, the Drawn Sword Pokémon. Both went live before the event began and will be available in five-star raids until September 27. A small catch here is that Celesteela is only found in the Southern Hemisphere, while Kartana is present in the Northern.

A third surprise debutant is the super adorable Roly-Roly Pokémon Togedemaru, who may look small and cute but can definitely fight. In addition to these, Mega Aggron will appear in Mega Raids, while wild encounters have a whole set of steel types waiting to be captured. Special Field and Timed Research are also set to go live, which will reward players with Mega Energy for Pokémon like Steelix, Scizor, and Aggron.


All these activities will be further rewarding thanks to all the different event bonuses that remain active on all days. Nice, Great and Excellent Throws come with an increased chance to win Candy XL and regular Candy as well.

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