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Pokémon Go’s Test Your Mettle event features Steel-type Pokémon Celesteela, Kartana, Mega Aggron, and more – Effinate Games

More Ultra Beasts are heading to Pokémon Go in the Test Your Mettle event, with Celesteela and Kartana dropping several days before the actual event. This gives players a few days to fight these giants before they disappear. Alongside these two Ultra Beasts, there will be mega raids with Mega Aggron, along with more Steel-type Pokémon appearing in the wild.

Celesteela and Kartana have already started appearing around the world. Celesteela will appear in five-star raids throughout the southern hemisphere, and Kartana will appear in five-star raids for the northern hemisphere. You will not encounter them outside of these regions.

However, the first batch of Ultra Beasts, Xurkitree, Buzzwole, and Pheromosa originally appeared in specific Pokémon Go Fest events that were region-specific and were later available during Pokémon Season of Go’s final event, Go Fest: Finale. Hopefully, Celesteela and Kartana will follow a similar pattern and become available to everyone in a later event in the current season, Season of Light.

Alongside these Ultra Beasts, Mega Aggron will spawn in worldwide Mega Raids throughout the Test Your Mettle event. Completing them will receive energy for your Aggron to Mega evolve it by using it in other PvE raids. It can prove useful against Celesteela and Kartana while they are available.

More Steel-type Pokémon will be available throughout the event, such as Togedemaur making its debut alongside Alolan Sandshrew, Drilbur, Ferroseed, Togedemaur, Galarian Stunfisk, Skarmory, Bronzor, Magnemite and more. They will appear in the wild, in small raids, and some may even be assigned as field research encounters.

The Test Your Mettle event begins on September 16th and runs until the 21st. If you pass a five-star raid now, see if there’s an Ultra Wormhole available for your chance to battle Celesteela or Kartana.

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