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Pokemon Go’s September 2022 Community Day Pokemon is Roggenrola – Effinate Games

Pokémon Go’s new Season of Light is off to a great start with several events planned for players. The Psychic Spectacular event has already kicked off, and trainers are finding Psychic-type Pokémon everywhere. Raid matches will feature all kinds of Legendary Deoxys. Now it’s time to reveal who September’s Community Day Pokémon will be, and it’s Roggenrola, the Mantle Pokémon! Roggenrola rolls into the action on September 18 between 2pm and 5pm to celebrate Pokémon Go’s September Community Day. The Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild, and evolving it before 22:00 will give players a Gigalith that knows Charged Attack Meteor Beam. The move deals 120 damage in Trainer Battles and 140 damage in gyms and raids. … [MORE]

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