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Pokémon Go’s September 2022 Community Day features Roggenrola – Effinate Games

Roggenrola will be Pokémon Go’s featured Pokémon in September 2022. Community Day will give players more opportunities to encounter Roggenrola in the wild, and there’s a good chance it could be a Shiny version. Additionally, Roggenrola’s final form Gigalith will learn an exclusive charged move on the same day: Meteor Beam.

The September 2022 Community Day will take place on September 18, the same week as the Test Your Mettle event. It will be from 14:00 to 17:00 in your local time zone. During this time, Roggenrola will spawn in the wild at an increased rate, and there is a good chance players can find the shiny version. After the event, Roggenrola’s shiny version will continue to be available. Going forward, when players encounter this Pokémon, there is a chance that it may be shiny.

When the September 2022 Community Day takes place, players will want to reach Roggenrola’s final evolution, Gigalith. If they do so within the set time frame or five hours after the event, Gigalith will learn the attack Meteor Beam, which will make its debut in Pokémon Go. Meteor Beam is a Rock-type move that could be a useful way to make Gigalith more relevant in certain PvP matches and for other Pokémon in the future when Niantic makes it more available to other Rock-types.

Community Day will also have other event bonuses, such as reducing the egg hatch requirement to walk to a quarter of the distance, rewarding twice as many Catch candies, double the chances for players above level 31 to receive XL candies, three hour lures and incense timers, and trades require 50% less Stardust.

On top of these bonuses, from 17.00 to 22:00 in a player’s time zone, bonus battle attacks will appear with Roggenrola’s second form, Boldore. These will have blue raid eggs, and if a player defeats Boldore, it will spawn Roggenrola within a 300-meter radius around these gyms for the next 30 minutes.

Roggenrola’s September Community Day will be on September 18. There will be a Special Research ticket available before it launches in the game’s store, but this is not required for players to participate in the event.

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