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Pokemon Go’s Season of Light is now live with Cosmog, special research, and many more events – Effinate Games

Pokémon Go’s Season of Go has officially ended and so much has happened. There were a ton of events like the massive Go Fest 2022, a collaboration with the Pokémon TCG, the World Championships where the AR game was shown for the first time, Community Days, Pokémon debuts and more. It’s finally time to move on to the next season, which has been titled Season of Light and will run until December 1st.

Professor Willow returns in Pokémon Go’s Season of Light, and it looks like he’s made a friend. A new Legendary Pokémon – Cosmog, the Nebula Pokémon, has made its debut, and players will spend the next three months forming a bond with this adorable creature that lives among the stars. Keeping with the theme of starry nights and space, the sky will regularly change with lots of beautiful nebulae appearing.

During this season, a long-running Special Research will be held, with new parts released every month. These parts help weave a whole new story at the season’s send-off. Lots of events will also be held, and Niantic has revealed most of what we can expect in September.

The 3th. Inkay, the rotating Pokémon, will be part of a limited research as we prepare for the Psychic Spectacular event that goes live between September 6th and 12th. This will be followed by the Test Your Mettle event the following week and Community Day with a Pokemon we don’t know yet on the 18th. Towards the end of the month, Safari Zone: Goyang will go live and we’ll finish it off with fashion week running until 3 October.

Apart from these special events, the regular stuff like Spotlight Hours, Raids and other such periodic events will run as normal. And it’s only September. There are two more months of cosmic madness after this, so trainers are ready for another go.

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