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Pokemon Go’s October 2022 Community Day will feature Litwick – Effinate Games

Pokémon Go just finished this month’s Community Day event, which featured Roggenrola. We’re also over halfway through September, where most events have wrapped up. Test Your Mettle ends tomorrow, and then, in addition to raids and spotlight hours, only Pokémon Go Fashion Week remains. But it’s time to look ahead a bit, as Niantic has already revealed October’s Community Day Pokémon.

Joining Pokémon Go for the October 2022 Community Day on October 15 is Litwick, the Candle Pokémon. It fits the theme as we will also be celebrating Halloween in October, so be prepared for more spookiness next month. Between 14:00 and 17:00 local time, players will find Litwick more often in the wild, with the shiny variant also hiding somewhere in the bushes.

As with these events, developing Litwick into Chandelure before 6pm will have additional benefits. 22:00 on the 15th Going from Litwick to Lampent and finally to Chandelure will ensure that the latter knows Charged Attack Poltergeist, which does 140 damage in Trainer Battles, Gyms and Raids.

After the initial festivities are over, a Bonus Raid Battle will take place between 17:00 and 22:00 local time. Here, players will find Lampent in four-star raids, and after winning the match, Litwick will appear at a much higher speed in a 300m radius around the gym for half an hour.

To make the development of Litwick easier, a lot of event bonuses will also be active. Players will receive 3x XP and 2x Candy for catching Pokémon, Lure Modules and Incense will last three hours, and up to two Special Trades can be made, with regular trades also costing 50% less Stardust.

Next month’s Community Day Special Research Story has been titled Field Notes: Trick of the Light, with tickets costing $1.00 or your local equivalent. Don’t forget to spin PokéStops and open gifts to receive event-exclusive Litwick Stickers!

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