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Pokemon Go October 2022 Community Day features Litwick and debuts a new charged attack, Poltergeist – Effinate Games

With Roggenrola’s Community Day concluded, Niantic has announced Pokémon Go’s October 2022 Community Day for Litwick. Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon will take center stage from mid-October, giving players the opportunity to capture this elusive Pokémon. The event will feature Litwick’s shiny form and debut a new charged attack, Poltergeist, a ghost-type attack that first appeared in The Pokémon Trading Card Game and later in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Litwick’s Community Day will take place on October 15 from 14:00 to 17:00 in a player’s local time zone. It will be Halloween themed and will come with several bonuses such as three times the Catch XP, double the Catch Candy, an increased chance to catch Litwick’s shiny version, and double the chances for players above level 31 to earn XL Candy .

In addition to these bonuses, a player’s lure and incense hours will increase to three hours, and players can make a moire Special Trade than they normally could during the event. When a player evolves Litwick into its final form, Chandelure, it will learn the charged attack Poltergeist.

When the event ends at 5:00 PM in a player’s local time zone, Litwick’s second form, Lampent, will appear in four-star Raid Battles from 17.00 to 22.00. These four-star raid matches will have a blue egg that spawns on them, and if a player completes these raids, Litwick will continue to spawn for 30 minutes after it finishes within a 300 meter radius of this location.

Compared to Roggenrola, Litwick is a much more exciting event for Pokémon Go players. Chandelure is one of the more sought after Pokémon in the mobile game, especially for PvE raids. Although PvP players don’t use it as much, Chandelure consistently when fighting Team Rocket and five-star raids. Depending on how good the charged attack Poltergeist will be, this could be a game changer for Chandelure; it could become a more widespread PvP Pokémon.

Litwick’s October 2022 Community Day event will take place on October 15 from 14:00 to 17:00 in a player’s local area. Players do not need to purchase a ticket to participate in the event. However, a Special Research story will be available for those who wish to purchase one that grants more items and grants more Litwick encounters during the event.

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