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Pokémon Go dataminers share uploaded assets for Mega Aggron, Banette, Alakazam, and more legendaries – Effinate Games

We received plenty of Pokémon Go Season of Light announcements today detailing what the next few months will look like for players. However, the team at Niantic kept a few things under wraps, such as upcoming Mega Raids and Legendary Pokémon players might encounter. Data mining group Pokéminers have shared some newly uploaded Mega form assets of Mega Aggron, Banette, and Alakazam, along with the upcoming Legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo and Lunala.

The assets were split earlier this evening when the team saw several Mega Pokémon gain stats. These Pokémon include Aggron, Banette, and Alakazam. These Pokémon will have significant stat boosts in their Mega forms, and players will need to earn Mega Candy with these Pokémon if they want to reach this state.

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We don’t know the exact dates when these Pokémon will arrive, but we’d guess that Mega Alakazam might be the first to join the Psychic Spectacular event that will take place from September 6th to 12th.

A much larger asset update was added to Pokémon Go, adding more Pokémon. There were a number of Pokémon with costumes labeled as “Fall 2022” costumes that will potentially be featured in Pokémon Go’s Fashion Week event.

The third line of the asset update features Guzzlord and Kartana, a pair of new Pokémon that could be released during the Season of Light. Finally at the bottom we have Cosmog and Solgaleo. Niantic has confirmed that Cosmog will release this season, but Solgaleo is not yet official; but Professor Willow reportedly hinted at this legendary Pokémon at the Pokémon Go Fest: Finale quest.

Guzzlord and Kartana are a pleasant surprise as these will be Pokémon many players will likely add to their roster, especially with Guzzlord being a Dragon and Dark type. Unfortunately, Lunala is not included in these asset updates, but appears as one shadow in another with a moving list.

We have no official confirmation of when many of these Pokémon will arrive, but we look forward to working through the Season of Light Special Research to catch Cosmog.

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