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PlayStation 5 6nm Die Spotted in CFI-1200 SKU – Effinate Games

PlayStation recently released a revised SKU that launched in Australia and is slowly making its way to other parts of the world now. However, one of the newer features of the new SKU also benefits from a smaller 6nm die, which has a lot of long-term benefits for the tech giant to exploit.

The new PlayStation 5 die is a solution

With the launch of the new CFI-1200 SKU a few weeks ago, Sony switched the die from 7nm to 6nm. While the change may not sound significant, it is actually a huge game changer for the console.

According to anxiety disorderthe smaller nozzle is able to offer better cooling, lower power consumption and should also greatly improve the current supply situation faced by PlayStation 5 users worldwide.

A look at 6nm Oberon Plus vs 7nm Oberon courtesy of angstronomy

While many steps have been taken to help reduce the ongoing chip shortage affecting many companies right now, 6nm chips are easier to source and should also solve the supply problem present in other parts of the world.

Especially when you consider the recent price increase that Sony implemented across all territories except the US. Maybe Sony will roll back the price hike once the supply shortage issue is resolved as well?

There are currently no new SKUs on the Xbox Series X or S that take advantage of the smaller die size, but perhaps a future SKU could fix this or perhaps be part of the inevitable revision for both consoles.

While inventories are now normal in the US, other parts of the world are still facing a severe PS5 shortage, and this could be the solution that Sony has been looking for. Maybe food for thought for a revised PS5 model?

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