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Philips launches new gaming brand Evnia – Effinate Games

Philips, a manufacturer known for releasing products ranging from audio like their popular headphones, televisions and more has announced their new gaming brand: Evnia.

Their first line of products was showcased which includes the expected list of gaming monitors, keyboards and mice.

The top end of their display range, the 42M2N8900, has a stunning 42 inch OLED display that can run up to 138Hz and support for HDMI 2.1. Down the stack includes a curved 32 inch and an ultrawide screen to cover the various markets within the gaming sphere.

The monitors are expected to be launched throughout December and January. Finally, Philips also showed 2 mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches, 2 gaming mice and 2 gaming headsets with this announcement.

Philips is far from the only brand that also has a “gamer” brand to market to those who primarily play on PC, although many of these products also work with consoles. Sennheiser, a reputable brand in the audio space, has their EPOS lineup of headsets aimed at gamers.

Recently, Sony, who clearly have their gaming division with the PlayStation, added the InZone line of products aimed specifically at PC gamers and esports. At the same time that they have solid support for their current user base on PlayStation 5.

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