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Panilla Saga is an upcoming retro-style idle RPG that’s now open for pre-registration – Effinate Games

Ujoy Games has announced that pre-registration for Panilla Saga, the studio’s idle RPG with a distinct art style, is now open for iOS and Android users. Launching on mobile next month after its release in Asia, the game lets players immerse themselves in a fantasy world as the hero of prophecy in North America, South America, Europe and Oceania.

In Panilla Saga, players can look forward to a retro-style RPG experience and get first dibs on the game as soon as it launches on October 26. Players who join the game can score SSR Aurthur from the Knights Alliance Faction along with 10 Gold Summon vouchers to recruit heroes from the Regular Summon gacha pool.

Other rewards include 500 Diamonds – the game’s premium currency – as well as 60 Silver Hero Cards. Players who can collect 60 of these can use them to exchange a random one [Rare] quite. Finally, pre-registered users will also score 1,000,000 coins as the game’s common currency.

The game takes players on an epic adventure as they fight against the forces of darkness to save the world. They must plan the best team of five heroes and take advantage of their skills on the battlefield, increasing their star rating in the process to increase their firepower across six classes and six factions.

If you are eager to try out the 100 heroes for yourself in the real-time 5v5 auto-battle system, you can sign up for Panilla Sage at iOS App Store and on Google Play Store. You can also watch the embedded clip above to get a feel for the game’s narrative.

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