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Overwatch 2 staff confirms new heroes will be available on the free track of the Battle Pass – Effinate Games

Overwatch 2, the sequel to the popular FPS game, Overwatch, has been highly anticipated by loyal players and newcomers alike. With an upcoming release scheduled for October 4th and the last two Beta events out of the way, players have had a taste of the content to come in one form or another. Other information has mostly been withheld pending the game’s launch, with a few leaks here and there and a few teasers for players to enjoy. Despite this somewhat vague amount of information, players are gearing up for the revamped sequel that will introduce new maps, new game modes, and new heroes.

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The new hero bit is one of the most anticipated aspects of the game’s release. Players looking to try their hand at mastering new gameplay styles and seeing the meta shift in new and interesting ways are heavily invested. However, Overwatch 2 has hinted that new heroes for the game, while available to all players, will most likely be locked behind the Battle Pass system in a Twitter post by Jon Spector, the Commercial Manager and VP at Blizzard Entertainment.

Little has been mentioned about whether the heroes will be available after the end of a season, which means that players will most likely be in a hurry to get the new heroes in time. However, a Twitter post has confirmed that heroes will become available again in later Battle Passes.

While the Battle Pass will have two iterations, free and paid, it is very important to note that according to description of the paid Battle Pass, players who purchase the pack will have instant access to new heroes. However, players playing the free lane must earn the heroes through the progression and completion of the Battle Pass up to a certain point instead, as seen in a Save your thread.

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