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Overwatch 2 fans are really upset about unlocking heroes through a battle pass – Effinate Games

Overwatch 2 makes some significant changes to the Overwatch formula, most notably in its team size, which has been reduced from 6v6 to 5v5. Regardless of how many heroes are on each side, players will have the same access to the roster – provided they start completing their Battle Pass. It’s another big change in Overwatch 2, and many fans aren’t happy.

Overwatch launched with a full roster of heroes and introduced a handful of new ones over time. However, Overwatch 2 will require players to unlock new heroes via the battle pass. They will all be available via the free battle pass, meaning everyone has the same theoretical access, but this still leaves a lot of community behind.

A quick visit to the Overwatch subreddit reveals many threads about this effect. Some posts raise good points: Russia stating that they don’t have time to grind through a combat pass as a father. Samurai Gunners believes locked heroes will ruin Overwatch’s meta of character picks and counter picks, and Goats Goats00 have similar thoughts on how match pass progress will affect a team’s chances of winning. Some like it Suzzy-Focks even calling for an outright boycott of the game. “If you’re upset about the battle pass and the content locked behind it, don’t play,” they say. “Make Overwatch 2’s launch flop.”

Most of the posts call out Blizzard for its “greed” with the Battle Pass. Redditors have made memes and even brought behavioral analysis into the equation to discuss the issue at hand. Some even joke about it cards will be locked behind the battle pass also one day. Clearly, this situation strikes a wrong chord with many of the player base. It’s important to reiterate that new heroes will still be available for free – they’ll just require a player’s time to progress in the unpaid battle pass. Still, it is the principle for many players.

Fortunately, the game will support cross-progression and account merging, so you’ll be able to rank up the match across multiple platforms in tandem. Overwatch 2’s release date is October 4th, and its PvP portion will launch into early access that Tuesday. It will be a free-to-play title on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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