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ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni reveals its opening movie – Effinate Games

Publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment and developer Kenei Design shared the opening movie to ONI: The Path to Being the Mightiest Oni.

The new opening cinematic shows more of the new 3D action game, which stars a humble Japanese demon trying to achieve greatness.

Here is the opening movie:

English version

Japanese version

Here’s a breakdown of the 2021 announced games:

Unique, unique action! The main character, Kuuta, attacks the enemy using his club. Kazemaru sucks the enemy’s spirit out of its body, and by destroying this spirit, Kuuta can then claim victory. Enjoy a brand new, unique co-op experience by playing both Kuuta and Kazemaru at the same time!


  • A different way to level up – Kisejima, where the game takes place, is divided into three areas with a variety of challenges ranging from fighting enemies to escort missions. The player can also level up by running away from pursuing monsters, like a game of tag, and collecting mushrooms that grow in clusters to buy upgraded clubs.
  • Setting: Kisejima Island – The story takes place on Kisejima, a small island in the middle of the ocean. Here, it is said that the power that lies dormant in the local demon spirits can be drawn out by challenging them to trials where ancient demons once defeated by Momotaro are called to battle. But few have ever returned from Kisejima alive.
  • Characters: Kuuta, a demon warrior, and his spiritual partner, Kazemaru – Kuuta, the protagonist, is the sole survivor of the Demon King’s army that faced Momotaro in battle. He and Kazemaru, a mysterious spirit who lives on Kisejima, team up to take on challenges of all shapes and sizes!
  • Artwork by KENEI DESIGN – Kisejima may not be big, but the colorful artwork by KENEI DESIGN, with its dazzling green meadows, menacing forests and plains of floating megaliths, offers a unique emotional impact unlike any other action game. Its solo creator has invented a mini-world where each location has its own memorable appeal. ONI is an invitation to players to enjoy a small world experience, for a change!

ONI: The Path to Being the Mightiest Oni launching sometime in 2022 across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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