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Omega Strikers’ Creator VS event offers content creators a cut of net revenue — if their team wins – Effinate Games

The recently released free-to-play action strategy game Omega Strikers has come up with an interactive event for all its players where different content creators have a chance to win a cash prize. Omega Strikers’ Creator VS event has players choose to join their favorite creator’s team and play to win for their chosen team. The creators with the most winnings have a chance to get a cut of the event’s revenue.

When the event went live, the game’s developers announced on Twitter that “the creator whose team has the most wins […] will get REVENUE SHARING from the game and an ORIGINAL SKIN in the game.” This event lasts 10 days and there are many creators fighting for the throne. After the initial announcement, the team shared a breakdown of the exact amount of revenue that the top three creators will get once the event is over, as you can see in the tweet below.

This news of a net revenue share of 5% between the three most successful creators and the creation of an original skin for each has attracted a lot of attention from the community. Popular content creators like Portuguese streamer Rafael Knittel (Rakkin), Twitch darling Sykkuno, and MoistCritical (penguinz0 on Youtube) are all vying for Creator VS’s throne.

There are still five days left in the Omega Strikers’ Creator VS event, and the number of wins for each team is increasing exponentially. Rakkin seems to be the clear winner right now, with over half a million wins, with MoistCritical right behind. Now we just have to see if there will be an upset in the final days, or if Rakkin’s backers can hold on to the top spot. As things seem to be going, both of them will get a unique skin and this is excellent news for their fans who will also receive these skins.

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