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Omega Strikers, a brand new sports MOBA from ex-Riot Games developers, is launching for mobile in the near future – Effinate Games

From development study Odyssey Interactivewhich consists of a couple of former lead developers on League of Legends and Teamfight tactics, the brand new game Omega Strikers is set to enter closed beta on both mobile and PC later this year. This strange crossover between a sports game and a MOBA is very similar Mario Strikers but with a kind of air-hockey twist also put on.

With such a legendary pedigree, Odyssey Interactive’s first project was sure to be a success from the get-go, but no one expected a somewhat sports-based game out of the gate. The sport that Omega Strikers really seems to be based on is soccer, but it has some elements of air hockey in there as well.

The game is played from a top-down perspective and overlooks a field that is divided into two sides, each with their respective goals. Three players on both sides will fight to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. Pretty simple right? Well, not so much.

See, each player will take on the role of a hero of their choice, and these heroes will have their own abilities that do much more than just move the ball. These abilities range from speed boosts to making obstacles appear on the course – and even to full-on hardcore punches. At either the top or bottom of the field, there is an orange wall that players can knock each other into to remove their target from the game for a set amount of time. This is where the Mario Strikers comparison comes into play.

Omega Strikers is a fighting game at its core, but the tactical use of abilities and different heroes (each can excel in certain roles like receiving or being a goalie and so on) makes it play a lot like a MOBA from the looks of it. No matter how you spin it, this is one of the most unique titles I’ve personally seen in a long time.

Omega Strikers doesn’t have a launch date yet, but a closed beta test has already launched for PC players. Mobile gamers may not get that privilege, but a launch for both iOS and Android is in the works and should be out shortly after the PC release, whenever that may be. If you’re one of the lucky PC gamers, you can access the beta test by simply tuning into the official Twitch stream.

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