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Old-school FPS Graven gets second content update, full version delayed to 2023 – Effinate Games

Slipgate Ironworks has released the second major content update for The gravebut has also announced that the entire game has been delayed.

The grave entered Early Access for Windows PC via Epic Games Store, GOOand Steam in May 2021. The retro-inspired FPS/RPG hybrid should get a full release, along with a console port, later this year. However, this full release has been delayed to an unspecified date in 2023. If you missed it, you can find an old hands-on preview we did here.

It’s not all bad news, though The grave also received its second major content update. This update adds 4 new side missions, a new region called The Damned Estuary, a new boss fight called The Festering Congregation, The Ballista and Writ of Subjugation weapons, new enemy behavior, multiple difficulty levels, and more.

You can read about the entire update hereand find a trailer for it below.

You can find an overview (via Steam) below:


A faithful priest of the Orthogonal Order, exiled to death for one crime in defense of another, you live again in a small boat, adrift in a swamp. A stranger ferries you to solid ground and gives you vague instructions along with a mysterious staff and book. Go forth, pious priest, heal the suffering, expose the deception, and smash the ancient perversions that permeate reality itself.

A marriage of modern development tools and techniques with a sharp late ’90s aesthetic brings the action first-person puzzler GRAVEN to life, with character designs by Chuck Jones (Duke Nukem 3d, Half-Life) and the voice talent of Stephan Weyte (Blood, Fire ). Emblem, Dusk) in a dark yet distinctly medieval fantasy experience.


  • Solve puzzles and sift through lore to uncover the motives of the vile heretical sects behind the plagues and seasons that undermine the land.
  • Change your environment with all that surrounds you, using spells and crystals to adjust as you see fit in your pursuit.
  • Discover new weapons and upgrade them at blacksmiths and alchemists to customize your abilities.
  • Expand your horizons by returning to old stomping grounds with new skills and see how far down the canyons go.
  • Slay over thirty different enemies in an ever-expanding world across numerous biomes.
  • Walk the parallel path lest you stumble into the recesses of the world where mist knows no light and creatures beyond time roam free.
  • Earn your peace.

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