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Old Man’s Journey, the emotive puzzler from five years ago, launches on Apple Arcade – Effinate Games

Hit indie title The Old Man’s Journey, which debuted five years ago on both iOS and Android, has received the Apple Arcade treatment and is available right now! This little puzzle game with deep themes of grief, life as a whole and many other heart touching themes saw great success at the time and must introduce itself to those who may have missed it back then.

Old Man’s Journey is really just a nice little success story and was clearly made with the intention of passing on a very friendly message given its actual content. This beautiful 2D side-scroller sees you take on the role of the titular old man as you forge his path forward, but it goes much deeper than that as you progress.

What begins as a peaceful journey eventually takes you through themes of heartbreak, plans gone awry, but also hope and beauty and finding meaning through that struggle. It makes for a short experience that sticks with you after the credits roll and really makes you think about where you are in your own life.

Think something like that A short hike or even Spirit danger and you’re not too far off, at least in terms of story content. All of these games are made with what may at first seem like a tragic concept, but eventually ties into a positive message. Old Man’s Journey is no different in this regard and I really can’t praise it enough. This is definitely one worth your time.

And to sweeten the deal even more, if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can grab it at the link below as part of your membership! And if these words alone haven’t convinced you, why not take a look at our previous review of the game and see what it’s all about?!

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