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NIS announces September Showcase with new game reveals and more – Effinate Games

NIS, short for Japanese developer and publisher Nippon Ichi Software, has announced a new game showcase for September 7, 2022. It will stream on Twitch at 8:00 a.m. PT, so be sure to check out NIS’ official Twitch channel. here.

Fans can expect four new game announcements, updates, a live stream immediately following the showcase, “and more.” Here’s the official teaser trailer for the NIS America showcase:

The uninitiated may be a little surprised by this new teaser trailer, which has voice actors excitedly using the word “dood” throughout. It sure seems a little random and awkward without knowing the insider baseball.

Well, NIS is probably best known for their tactical RPG series Disgaea, which features penguin-like creatures called “Prinnies”. These creatures use “dood” all the time for their dialogue in the game, and a Prinny is basically the face of NIS.

Naturally, fans really hope to learn about a new one Disgaea publication in the United States. But even as the flagship series for NIS, it took years for Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny to come out, and that title didn’t just launch until 2021. While critics were lukewarm about it, fans seemed pleased enough.

The new announcement coincides with today’s US release of Prinny presents NIS Classics Volume 3: La Pucellewhich finally brings La Pucelle: Ragnarok to the West, as well Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. The new collection was announced a few months ago in a teaser trailer, which you can review here if you’re not familiar with the titles:

Rhapsody is a part of Marl-rich, which is another signature franchise of NIS. Unfortunately, the EU has to wait a few more days Volume 3 will be launched on September 2.

You can read more about NIS America and other international hits by checking out the rest of our news section!

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