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Nintendo reveals Pokémon Scarlet and Violet OLED Model – Effinate Games

Nintendo has officially announced a Pokémon Scarlett and Violet edition of the OLED Switch model, featuring a variety of upcoming Pokémon and themed art. The model is scheduled to be available on November 4, 2022.

You can see a full teaser for the upcoming OLED model on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here:

Fans almost unanimously agree that Nintendo made some great artistic decisions on this one. There is a great balance between the tidy designs for the controller, the intricate background of the dock and the controlled chaos behind the screen.

There is a particular interest in contrast here that really makes the colors pop. And although the collage of stickers on the back of the model is deliberately messy, the chalky look goes well with the black background. Also, the partner Pokémon is already a big hit.

A lot of love went into this edition, which always rewards you for looking just a little bit closer. It is very clean without losing any details. Probably many fans will look forward to this OLED model.

In case you’re curious, OLED boasts a larger screen, improved coloring and sound, as well as a smoother dock design. However, one of the biggest features is the LAN support, which allows players to use an Ethernet cable for optimal online gameplay. This will make a big difference for multiplayer games, which are coming just in time Pokémon Scarlett and Violets co-op gameplay addition.

In the meantime Pokémon released another trailer today that was teased yesterday. It more or less delivered what was expected, showing some new faces and fleshing out a bit more the so-called “Treasure Hunt” concept that was teased since the beginning.

You can watch the new trailer at Pokemons official YouTube channel here:

You can read more about Pokemons latest updates by checking the rest of our news section!

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