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New undeath action RPG Graveless announced for PC and consoles – Effinate Games

Fear developer Digital Happiness announced Gravelessa new third person ARPG where you are death yourself.

Graveless launching sometime in “202X” across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Here is the first trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Graveless is a single-player, third-person dungeon crawler, and hack and slash ARPG set in the realm of chaos, when immortality is no longer a myth and fiction.

Death was to come to those who were mortal. Now that immortality is no longer a myth and fiction, Death … needs its agents. For those who are graveless. You are the reaper.


  • A PARTY FOR MORTALITY – Stained by eternity, your adventure will be filled with overwhelming threats from the immortals. Cleanse the undead and be the harbinger of their death.
  • OTHER WORLD KINGDOM – Dive into the vast enigmatic realm of immortality. Where a multi-layered story told in fragments discovers the unknown that crosses your pilgrimage, unravels its enigma.
  • AWAKE YOUR INNER POWER – Define your unique style. Leverage, improve, master and develop your skills by constantly adapting your play style to suit your unique abilities.

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