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New Ubisoft mobile game Wild Arena Survivors was reportedly supposed to be a Far Cry spinoff – Effinate Games

Ubisoft released the Wild Arena Survivors mobile game on September 2, but you’d be forgiven if you weren’t aware of its launch on iOS and Android. It released with zero fanfare – there’s no mention of the game on Ubisoft’s social media or even its news blog. That may be because it was reportedly supposed to be a Far Cry spinoff before that association was abandoned.

The report originates from, whose “well-placed source” claims that “Wild Arena Survivors was once known as Far Cry: Wild Call.” There is certainly a similarity in the name, for starters. “We understand that the isometric battle royale was soft-launched without Far Cry branding as a test,” the report continues. “When the game didn’t gain enough organic traction to get a rebrand under the Far Cry IP, it was quietly released worldwide in an attempt to hold back some of the development costs.” In other words, Ubisoft wanted to launch the game without the Far Cry name to see if it could succeed before it was branded, but it wasn’t. Thus, the game was released as it is just to get out the door. You have to wonder which came first: the failure of the game or Ubisoft’s lack of promotion for it.

For those interested in playing, Wild Arena Survivors is, as mentioned, an isometric battle royale. Players can jump into the arena as a solo player or in a duo, and they can use the wildlife on the map to attack other players. That mechanic is very Far Cry, as is Wild Arena Survivors’ setting, which closely resembles Far Cry 6’s fictional version of Cuba.

Perhaps another reason for Wild Arena Survivors’ lack of attention is the other Ubisoft news that was made around the same time. Assassin’s Creed Mirage was officially announced as the next game in the series, and the full reveal will be part of Ubisoft Forward 2022.

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