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New Street Fighter 6 trailer focuses on classic veterans, custom characters – Effinate Games

We knew that Street Fighter 6 was getting its own special program for Tokyo Game Show 2022, and we expected a good amount of character reveals from it. What we got were four confirmed fighters and a showcase of the game’s custom characters.

The TGS trailer starts by confirming Ken, one of the main faces of the franchise since the beginning. As it continues, we’re introduced to a trio of other veterans in alphabetical order: electrified green guy Blanka, elastic guru Dhalsim, and sumo wrestler E Honda. The list of playable characters in Street Fighter 6 keeps growing.

In addition to established veterans and new characters like Kimberly, Street Fighter 6 will also allow players to create their own custom character. The new trailer shows that just as much as the classic characters – you’ll have a ton of options to customize your avatar’s look and fighting style, it seems.

World Tour mode allows them to explore Metro City using the main Street Fighter moves to get around. The trailer shows custom characters traversing gaps with Chun-Li’s helicopter kick and breaking crates with a Hadoken. They can also train with Chun-Li and other veterans at the Fighting Grounds. This mode is presumably how your custom character will learn more moves before taking on other custom fighters in the World Tour or in the Battle Hub. The latter serves as a lobby and social hub for Street Fighter 6, where all the customized fighters can come together to fight as themselves or the main characters.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023, although we don’t have a specific launch date yet. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S – the series’ first Xbox debut in over a decade. The game is also getting a closed beta test ahead of next year’s release, so if you want a taste of the action before the full launch, you should sign up.

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