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New Sonic Frontiers overview trailer shows off the Chaos Emeralds, new combat gameplay – Effinate Games

Sega has put up a new overview trailer that gives us a dive into everything we know about Sonic Frontiers ahead of its release on November 8th. Included in the information is our first look at a Chaos Emerald, combat, and an overview of how the story will begin.

The trailer explains that Sonic has been searching for the Chaos Emeralds with Tails and Amy. We don’t know exactly why they need them before the game begins, but they’ve been sucked into a dimensional portal. Sonic wakes up in Cyber ​​Space and begins a journey to escape this dimension and find his two friends.

We know that when you first escape Cyber ​​Space, the first Starfall Island you start on is Kronos. There you will meet the friendly stone creatures that we were recently introduced to and will likely rescue along the journey.

Image via Sega

While showing the general exploration gameplay, we get to see Sonic use some new moves he hasn’t used before. We see him punch a crate and climb up a slanted wall to get to a boost pad that will let him run across it sideways. It is explained that there will be a combination of open world and linear gameplay even while running through the Starfall islands. We already knew that the Cyber ​​Space levels are closer to the Sonic Boost-era games in linearity, but now we know that there will be moments where the camera will turn to the side in open-world areas, such as when climbing in steep areas.

Image via Sega

For the first time, this trailer mentions that you can complete the game in any order you want, just like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is of course one of the main inspirations for Sonic Frontiers. You will see plenty of enemies, puzzles and side quests along the way that you will have to overcome. Solving puzzles will reward you with Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense, which increase your attack and defense stats. These were first mentioned as the Adventurer’s Treasure Box pre-order bonus.

Combat also got a general look-over, showing one of the game’s bosses that has you running on a track and trying to catch up with them while dodging projectiles coming at you. You get a Portal Gear to unlock more Cyber ​​Space levels when you defeat the bosses. Completing challenges in the Cyber ​​Space levels will earn you a Vault Key which can be used to earn a Chaos Emerald to progress in the story.

Other battle details shown are that Sonic will have a skill tree that gives him new abilities like a spinning kick and some kind of duplication-like move that turns his normal homing attacks into multiple energy balls and launches them at an enemy. New basic fighting moves for Sonic include parries and counters. For anyone who doesn’t quite understand the combo system in combat, there will be an auto-combo setting you can turn on, where you perform combos with just the press of a button.

Finally, we have a name for the trail we’ve seen Sonic leave in previous game trailers. This is the Cyloop ability and works differently on enemies, items and targets. This trailer provides a lot of information, which makes us hope that the Sonic team is still keeping some secrets until launch.

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