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New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer reveals new Pokemon, Team Star, and the return of Totems – Effinate Games

As Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s release date gets closer and closer, we keep learning more and more about what the ninth generation of games has to offer. The latest trailer reveals a number of new details covering several aspects of the game.

As you can see for yourself in just the thumbnail of the new one Seek Your Treasure trailer below we have a new crab Pokémon — it’s called Klawf. The trailer shows a standard and a Titan version of the new ‘mon. Titan Pokémon are similar to Totem Pokémon introduced in Sun and Moon: they were boss versions of standard Pokémon that were much larger than their regular forms. You will fight them while completing your classmate Arven’s part of the story. The Legacy seeks Herba Mystica, rare special ingredients for its recipes, and each one is guarded by one of these Titan Pokémon. So far we’ve only seen one and that’s our new crab friend Klawf.

We also met a few enemies in the new trailer. Previous Pokémon games have seen the player mix with villain groups like Team Rocket and Team Skull, and Scarlet and Violet will pit us against Team Star. These are the most rebellious students at the academy the player attends. Their outfits will look different depending on which version of the game you’re playing, with scarlet and violet colored accessories. But no matter which one you play, you’ll still need to infiltrate their hideouts and take out the Team Star leaders.

We’ve met one of these so far: her name is Mela, and she’s Team Star’s Fire-type leader. The trailer shows her sending out Torkoal while standing on top of her Starmobile. Each Team Star leader has their own vehicle like this, and the Starmobile itself must also be defeated to take down the leader – the engine also appears to be a new Pokémon.

This was a very extensive trailer and there is still more to learn before the new generation of Pokémon arrives. Scarlet and Violet release date is Friday, November 19.

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