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New Exoprimal trailer focuses on story and characters – Effinate Games

Capcom has announced more details and released a new story trailer for the cooperative shooter Exoprimal. The trailer walks through the main cast and reveals more details about the story along with a new Exosuit for players to use.

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The new trailer introduces several of the main cast, including mechanic Lorenzo, engineer Alders, co-pilot Majesty and support for Android Sandy. More of the story is revealed, including the appearance of a new mysterious character who goes by the name of Durban, who appears to be in control of the Watchers. It is not fully revealed if Durban is the main antagonist of the story or if he serves another role in the plot as a whole.

The trailer also shows off new Exosuits for the player to use, including Murasame, a Tank-type with an emphasis on close combat, and Skywave, a Support-type Exosuit with the ability to slow down and weaken enemies from range. A new rig, or secondary weapon, was also revealed to be the Blade, a giant shuriken that players can throw to temporarily stun enemies to gain an advantage during a crowded battle.

Gameplay details during Capcom’s TGS 2022 showcase also revealed more about character customization for the player character, enemy types, and even emotions for your character. Exosuits and weapons can be customized with a large selection of paint jobs and stickers in the hangar. Players can also equip a wide variety of emotes on the comma wheel, such as dances, taunts, and other expressions. New enemy types revealed during the showcase include the Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus and Neo T. Rex.

No firm launch date has been given yet, but Exoprimal will be released sometime in 2023 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

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