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New Dead by Daylight developer update explains the Finishing Mori system – Effinate Games

Dead by Daylight is one of the best horror games out there, and that’s largely due to its asynchronous multiplayer design. One player is the killer, while everyone else must stay away from their deadly grasp, complete tasks and make it out alive. Memento Mori finishing has been part of the process for a while now, but developer Behavior Interactive is in the process of revamping them with a new Finishing Mori system.

You can think of a Memento Mori as a killer’s “ultimate attack” that activates when certain conditions are met during the game. According to the latest developer update, Mori is “rarely seen” and has “gained a somewhat negative reputation over the years that has been used in defiance against a particular survivor.” The new Finishing Mori system is intended to both make the move more common and prevent it from being used maliciously.

Here’s how it works: If the killer murders, captures, or decapitates each survivor, Mori will automatically trigger for the last survivor taken out. Before this moment, a Last Standing event will occur, giving the last remaining survivor a wider field of vision. Saving someone else ends this elevated state, while being downed activates Finishing Mori and closes the game. Due to these changes, getting shot will also work differently: survivors will automatically respawn after 45 seconds without the need for a self-revival perk.

This also means that certain perks are changing – Behaviour’s blog post has the complete list. As for Memento Mori offers, which used to be required to activate the special move, they are no longer used for kills at all. Instead, offers now give a Bloodpoint bonus based on how many survivors are killed before Finishing Mori activates.

These changes will be part of Dead by Daylight’s public test build first, so there may be some additional tweaks before the final update is released to all players. For example, if you’re playing the new Resident Evil-themed Project W chapter, you can continue as normal. These changes will not be fully implemented until after the game’s upcoming 6.3.0 update.

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